5 Best Video Editing Softwares 2024
February 7, 2024

5 Best Video Editing Softwares 2024

Best video editing software allows users to craft captivating videos using various effects and media formats while adding text or music for post-production purposes. They also come equipped with useful post-production tools.

Here are the 5 Best Video Editing Software:

1 – Adobe Premiere

If you have Adobe Premiere Pro, you don’t need any other editing software for your videos.

It stands out as an exceptional video editing software with professional capabilities, offering timeline-based editing that allows for everything from simple cuts to complex compositions.

Plus, there is an impressive variety of effects, presets, and templates available so your footage will look its best!

Professional video editors rely on this program as their go-to choice for editing their projects, with its easy interface and helpful workflow that supports both new and experienced users alike.

Premiere Pro stands apart from other non-linear editing programs by providing an innovative linear timeline that progresses horizontally as you advance through the project, making your editing easier and keeping everything in order.

In addition, multiple tracks allow you to arrange clips (video, images and audio) and simultaneously add new types of media simultaneously.

Premiere Pro can be costly, but its investment is well worth the cost if you want to create high-quality videos.

Adobe Premiere Rush provides an alternative, lightweight option, specifically tailored for creating short social media videos, and is available both on desktop computers as well as iOS and Android devices.

It is easy to use with all of the basic tools required for producing professional-looking videos.

2 – Blackmagic Design Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is an advanced, all-in-one post-production software solution offering audio, video, and color correction tools as well as unique grading, compositing, and finishing options to be utilized by individuals or large collaborative teams alike.

With its user-friendly workflow, it makes DaVinci Resolve an excellent option for broadcast, cinematic post-production workflows as well as professional post-production workflows.

Blackmagic Design software is available as both a free download for professionals, as well as an affordable suite for broadcasters, studios, and universities.

Compatible with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux and capable of taking advantage of high-end GPUs for playback and rendering purposes.

Resolve is an incredible piece of software, but its many features may be intimidating for novice users. If you are seeking something less daunting to start editing videos with, Wondershare Filmora could be ideal.

At half the price and offering artificial intelligence-powered tools as well as user-friendly controls it provides more affordable video editing solutions than Resolve while offering similar functionality with less confusion compared to Resolve itself.

3 – Apple iMovie

iMovie, Apple’s free video editing suite included with every Mac computer, is the ideal program for novice filmmakers on a budget.

Apple’s iMovie video editing app has long been considered one of the finest on Mac computers, providing users with an effortless way to produce and share high-quality home movies.

Users can quickly trim clips and apply music, effects, and titles while supporting HD and 4K resolution videos.

In addition, crop and rotate options, analyze stabilization of footage as well as alter audio by adding or subtracting noise or changing voice tone are available within this application.

Apple has also enhanced iMovie 10.1 to make working with 4K video easier and has added a color correcting feature, so users can get the best possible colors out of their videos.

Apple’s iMovie for iPhone is an intuitive program that provides users with three distinct editing paths when they first launch it on an iOS device. The movie is a blank canvas where users will add media from their devices.

At the same time, Storyboard uses pre-made templates and guides the user through more structured steps similar to how Trailers functioned years ago in Mac iMovie. Finally, Magic Movie makes editing automatic by taking care of everything for them!

All these choices are reflected in the interface design, which differs depending on which editing path is selected. While Movie works in any orientation, Storyboard and Magic Movie are both restricted to landscape mode only.

4 – Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics, and animation program used in post-production for filmmaking, video game development and television production.

This non-linear editing program works on Windows and Mac computers and can also be purchased as part of Adobe’s full Creative Cloud suite of programs or as an individual use license version.

This software application allows for the creation of 2D vector animation, basic 3D animation, character animation, kinetic typography, and user experience (UI/UX mock-up) mockup animations.

It can also create immersive virtual reality titling/graphics as well as motion graphic templates.

Furthermore, it offers editing videos and animating text layers. Ultimately it can create content for websites, broadcast TV, in-store displays and kiosks.

Adobe After Effects makes creating motion tracks easy, providing users with an effective tool for adding animation and movement to their work.

Motion track animation is commonly employed during film and video production as a visual element that will add context and keep an audience’s interest.

Adobe After Effects offers a wealth of features that enable users to produce stunning visual effects, motion graphics, and animation.

5 – Filmora

Filmora Video Editing Software is one of the best and most sought-after video editing programs on the market, thanks to its user-friendly user interface, which is straightforward yet provides access to advanced features for creating professional-quality videos.

There may be a few minor upgrades possible but overall this tool is well-designed and intuitively simple to work with. Filmora is an easy and cost-free video editing software solution.

There are multiple editions of the program available, including subscription-based models that allow you to continue using it without further updates and support; or alternatively, you may purchase a perpetual license instead.

Filmora’s software is extremely straightforward and user-friendly, offering free tutorials to assist those new to video editing.

These can be found both online and within the program itself via its Message Center and Template library in Video Editor.

Additionally, users have access to numerous templates that they can use when creating social media videos that they can find very helpful when used from Filmora’s Template library.

Another powerful feature is the ability to add voiceover narrations to videos, making tutorials and interviews much simpler.

Furthermore, this program features a split-screen function that enables you to split any video clip or image into two or more pieces for further manipulation.